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The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu (2008)

Finished: 9/25/21

Grade: B+

This Chinese sci-fi epic is one part hard boiled thriller, one part alien apocalypse, and one part treatise on the philosophy of physics.

I started reading this book once before, read about 100 pages, got a little bored and gave up on it. Then everyone I know (my dad and my friend David) told me that it was amazing and that I should give it another shot. So I picked it up again, and honestly I stand by my original conclusion.

It starts with a bang and develops quickly, but in the middle things spread a little thin. The sci-fi concepts are exciting, but some of them feel added on, and there is a lot of explaining.

When the action is happening this book is exciting and fun, but I think, too often, it gets lost in it’s own heady sci-fi sauce.

Or maybe I’m just too dumb for this book. HECK. That could be it.

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