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Month Long Ham Festival (2022)

A hectic comedy review at The Elysian Theater,  curated and directed by Dean Evans. I act as the timekeeper and Master of Ceremonies. 


Every 3rd Sunday of the month at 7 PM, at The Elysian Theater.

13LoveSongs_Feb2020-42 (1).jpg

13 Love Songs (2020)

A variety show at The Hideout, produced by Hot Kitchen. 13 artists each responded to a different love song. I wore a suit and rapped about mammal testicles. This was a real fun show.


Beerfly Alleyfight (2019)

Every year Drinking and Writing Theater hold a variety show / beer brewing and art competition. Lauren Vogel and I were paired up with Greenshirt Brewery and we came up with a 3 minute musical about the history of beer thatwon best in show! Got trophies and everything. This was a real fun show.


Remember The Alamo (2019)

This devised show at The Neo-Futurists was written by Nick Hart and directed by Kurt Chiang. I played Phil Collins. There I am in the back. This show got great reviews and Time Out Chicago called me "Droll". This was a real fun show.


The Stranger and The Shadow (2019)

A devised puppet show for children, written by Kay Kron and produced by Rough House in collaboration with Adventure Stage. A sci-fi horror story about how fear turns into violence. I played Braxton, the bully. This was a real fun show.


The Arrow  (2015-2018)

A reoccurring show at The Neo-Futurists that I was a part of a few times. The Arrow Returns (2018), The Arrow Cleans House (2017), The Arrow Builds A Lab (2016), and The Arrow Drops Anchor (2015).


An essay reading where all the essayists are constantly attacking each other with theater, both improvised and otherwise. These were real fun shows.

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