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My Life In France by Julia Child (2006)

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Finished: 06/20/20

Grade: A

A rose-colored autobiography of Julia Child's life in France, from the first transcendent meal that changed her life, through her time at the cordon bleu and the explosion of her career, all the way up to her twilight years when she finally said Au Revoir to the country she loved so much.

Child's post-war cultural and political commentary are as interesting as her culinary ideas, and as someone who is 27 years old and still trying to find "my calling" it is inspiring to read a show-biz success story that begins at age 32.

This book is easy, fun, and made me want to cook a whole fish.

Important Note: And YES, I read this book becuase I watched the movie Julie and Julia, but let me tell you, if you are thinking about watching that movie, I HIGHLY recommend going on and seraching for "Julia sans Julie." Trust me.

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