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Laziness Does Not Exist by Devon Price (2021)

Finished: 8/15/22

Grade: A

In this book Dr. Devon Price attacks the concept of laziness in the US, explores its exploitive history, and demonstrates how our fear laziness leads us to condemn the most vulnerable among us, and push ourselves past the point of good health.

The largest, and most salient point the good doctor makes in this sweet tome is that when we perceive someone's behavior as being "lazy" it is because we don't understand, or are not aware of, the underlying issues that are causing that behavior. Usually someone who is "lazy", is actually struggling with invisible hardships that we aren't aware of, or has other contextually understandable reasons for behaving the way they do. Unfortunately, we rarely take the time to stop and understand those deeper issues, because society encourages us to take the mental short cut of: "Oh they're just lazy" which allows us to discard that person without remorse.

Poignant and readable.

I was tangential friends with Devon when they were writing this book, so it's fun to see it out in real life!

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