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Infidel by Various Authors (2018)

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Finished: 12/10/19

Grade: C+

A graphic novel about a young muslim woman living in New York City who is haunted by visions of terrifying demons after an alleged terrorist attack in her apartment building.

What begins as a heavy-handed allegory about the phycological effects of racism, takes a sharp left turn about halfway through the story when literal white supremacist demons start killing everyone.

At that point you can enjoy the story without constantly tracking the allegory and trying to figure out which larger social issue each character represents, but I would say that the message got a little muddled when the final surviving character defeats the racist demons, not with the power of love and understanding, but by shooting them with a gun and then blowing herself up, destroying the entire apartment building.

Ether I lost the plot somewhere or the writers did. Either way the artwork is so good you don't notice how cheesy the story is most of the time.

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