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Comedy, Comedy, Comedy, Drama by Bob Odenkirk (2022)

Finished: 6/2/22

Grade: B+

Ye olde hollywood memoir. The kind of thing I used to read as a kid and get excited about. The glitz! The glamor! The promise of showbiz! I would track my own trajectory along the same lines and imagine myself failing and failing and then making it big. Now I read something like this and say: “Wow, he got hired to write for SNL when he was 24?! That lucky fuck!” and then I have to take a cold bath to freeze the jealousy out of my bitter old bones.

Anyway, this is a great airplane book, with some good insights about writing and how the business works. A fun read, if you can get past your own seething jealousy. Big ups to my friend Jack for giving me this bad boy!

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