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Finished: 10/02/19

Grade: B+

A natural history of genetic mutation in humans.

I was expecting this book to have more of a looky-loo freak show vibe, but it was actually a science book.

Fascinating stuff about genetics and the process of human development. We are machines. We are computers. We are built from the same code as fish, chickens, and dinosaurs!

Finished: 09/02/19

Grade: C+

The latest book of short stories from one of my favorite writers of all time. Not his best!

Everything Keret writes is entertaining, but this definitely seemed like a collection of B-sides.

Fun but not transcendent!

Finished: 8/27/19

Grade: A+

A non-fiction thriller that documents the first Ebola outbreaks in Africa and then the US. Exciting, upsetting, and stressful. I chewed through this book!

INTERESTING NOTE: At a certain point in the story I was DISSAPOINTED because nothing was going wrong, because the book was more exciting when the virus was spreading and people were dying horribly. YIKES!

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